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Off the top of my head II
Hmmm...that's compelling.
I trust this won't cause any problems in the future?
Well are you going to answer me?
Or just sit there staring at me with your belligerent eyes.
You think that intimidates me?
You know full well it doesn't.
It might work on other people, and for good reason,
but not on me and you know exactly why.
Now, would you like more scones or should I bring something else for you?
Nothing? You're full? Ok than, nevermind.
So how's our package? Still doing well?
Excellent, excellent!
It's funny to think that there is a living thing we're keeping.
But you of course don't think it's at all funny.
You don't think anything's funny.
It's a shame you know.
A shame that you don't have a sense of humor.
If you did I'd make you cry tears of laughter ever time we met.
Ha ha.
Well is that all for today or is there anything else I should know?
Hm. No, I don't.
That's definitely odd.
Well than it shouldn't be to big a deal.
Well I'll have it investigated for you
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Off the top of my head.
So, hello again.
There you are, there, standing in the window.
Tell me, what's your name again?
Ha ha! Only joking. I know it's teasing you but it's fun.
Think nothing of it.
So, are you going to sit down?
Drink something?
Eat a scone or two perhaps? Mayhap?
Well it doesn't really mater either way,
to you at least.
But it does sort of mater to me you know.
I go and prepare a nice little snack for you every time and you hardly ever eat it.
I mean, not that the dog doesn't mind but still you should think about doing it more,
it's quite polite you know.
But, whatever.
The fact of the matter is that's not what this is about.
So let's skip the rest of my banter and move on to the business shall we?
So, how was it today?
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It is these large moments in a nations history, these times of great hardship, or tragedy, or perseverance, or valor, or etc., that forever lay within its occupants minds, and shape its growth from that moment on.
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Philosophical Insanity
If I act insane, act as in pretend to be insane like an actor, am I actually insane while I am, or am I just acting? This is not a rhetorical question, nor do I know the answer, it is a legitimate philosophical mystery for me.
I am, for whatever reason, fascinated by insanity. And just, general mental state differentiation I suppose. In stories and characters anyway. I have often thought up characters who are, in some way, in some severity, mentally unstable. And I tend to have in interest in characters who are. I don't know. Maybe it's just because it makes a more interesting character, and opens up many possibilities in a story. Maybe I'm just weird.
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It is the kind of ignorance that dilutes the soul into such a thing as to be rebuking and uncompensating. Utterly intolerable of seemingly everything around it.
No respect for the facts of life,
or those of science,
or the history of this world,
or other unique cultures,
or other viewpoints at all,
or other possibilities.
Incapable of education; malignant and stale!
What is this? A pitiful creature? A cur? A simple annoyance?
It is an inexcusable procession that needs to be rectified but due to the vary reason for the problem it cannot be! Those who are part of it do not and can not realize it! They are incapable of seeing 2 feet in front of them, much less the error of their ways!
So what do we do with these people then? What should we do? We can't just round them up and shoot them. They cannot learn. What do we do?!
Well that certainly is a question now isn't it!
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The Treacherous Sound
They fly on the wind
Through the treacherous sound
On the backs of their birds
As the fire rains down
And as the defining twall
Rents the ground
They fly on the wind
Through the treacherous sound
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A good spring day.
It is the setting of my early memories.
It truly feels like a dream.
It is warm and sunny,
there's that smell in the air,
and it's all just so relaxing.
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Why not?
Today is a normal day
A lot like any other
The sun is shining
And the sky is clear
Perfect for the birds to flutter
And flutter they do
And whistle and chirp
And spring is here I have to say
For this would be a spring day
And while I sit here
browsing this artists site
This poem comes to me
So why not put it up here?
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It is a box
It is a box, which will only open up to you if you understand it, and to understand it you have to accept it. Now it may give you an opportunity to accept it, or you may have to make one for yourself, but if you do not accept it, if you turn it away or antagonize it, than it may never give you another opportunity, and may even see you as an enemy. And this is not something for which you can blame the box, but only yourself, and your perception of the box.
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Expect Literature! I'm not an artist, but I am looking to be a writer. A lot of what I put up will probably be poetry, ranging in themes from nature to war, and of course some things in between. As for literature that isn't poetry; maybe some synopses, some character backgrounds, explanations of stuff or whatever, but nothing too big. I do plan on writing books and if I put the whole story up here than how I do I know people will actually buy the book? I have to feed myself! So basically, there's not much here now, but expect way more in the future.

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ArrowTheBest's Profile Picture
United States
My profile picture was made with the powers of free chibi cat bases and the paint bucket and text tools in

I'm not an artist.

I'm on a laptop.

I'm going to be a writer. Expect literature.

I'm 16.

I'm going to learn to drive over the summer.

I'm also going to call up this girl over the summer.

I'm a cool man.

I play Hockey. I've been playing since I was 4 or 5. It's a great hobby.

I couldn't care less about (American) Football.

I like to laugh.

#'s are a form of humor to me.

Memes are funny.

Puns are (usually) funny.

I cant f**ing spell for S**T. It's annoying.

Excuse my language if you don't really like bad words, but do understand that that doesn't mean I'm a bad person or something, those are just the words I use, sorry.

I am captain sweat pants...............I like sweat pants.......what? They're comfy, sue me.

Mouse Guard is awesome.

I <3 80's music!!!!

My favorite anime is Soul Eater.

I like Pop-tarts.

I have a little neurological disorder called Autism (specifically Aspergers, but they made it the same thing a few years ago) that effects my social skills so please understand if I seem awkward or odd.

I also have ADHD, so sometimes I get pretty exited, especially when it's latter in the day when my meds for it begin to wear off.

I'm strait, but I don't care what you are, it's all fine, I know gay and bi people. Just don't hit on me if your a guy and we're cool. LOL.

I live in Baltimore Maryland. Now listen, I live in Baltimore COUNTY. Baltimore CITY is were the riots and the great CVS fire happened. Also, Baltimore city is it's own county and Baltimore county is more properly only called Baltimore, but to better identify it form the city it's called Baltimore County and COMPLEX LOCAL SHAT.

My time zone is EST: Eastern Stranded Time.

I go to a Private Catholic School. I'm not even Christian but listen, my family is family friends with people who did go there, people who did go there loved it, people recommended it, and after one shadow day I wanted to go no where, but there. I HATE public school with a passion because all your peers are just such assholes. But this school is a damn good school and I absolutely love it there. I could not have asked for a better school. The teachers are really cool people, not everyone is a jerk, and it is truly a quality education.

I never use shift to type capital letters. I always use caps lock. You may find that weird but after doing it for years now it's a deft and instinctual action for me.

BTW I type vary well. I don't use that 'home keys method' and honestly I don't think a lot of other people do either, it's honestly kinda stupid.

I have a steam account of the same name:…

My best friend in the whole world is Evan. He's nice and funny and sometimes he can be a bit of a pain but I love him all same, (#POETRY) he's like a brother to me.

Also I'm a Furry. Deal.

OI!!! Expect this to update a lot until I think it's got everything you need to know, which may be a lot-BUT STILL! Check back for more information!
So every now and than I'll start looking into something. Once there was the Scottish Wars of Independence (that was fun), I've also gone into the Japanese language (specifically transliteration and how they have like 3 different alphabets) and tons of other things. Some times it's just because, and other times it's for one the like 6 different stories swirling around in my head. Recently I needed Gaulish names for one of these stories. (if you don't know who the Gauls were than here So I google "Gaulish Names" and got this… (I was looking for a male character). This was pitiful obviously, and in fact there are names we know of that aren't on here, the names of several clan leaders. But in clicking on the links to the names provided I did fined something interesting. First off the names meant things! I love it when that happens! And also, all the words are derived from a language called Proto-Celtic. GOOD FUCKING GOD PROTO-CELTIC. In looking up Proto-Celtic I found that it's in ongoing reconstruction, meaning scientists are currently, well, reconstructing it! Cool! But Proto-Celtic, is not cool. It's fucking confusing is what it is! Look at this!… This would seem to be some advanced linguistics shit to me and none of it makes any sense. Also here's a word list of a lot of the Proto-Celtic that has been reconstructed… there's a lot I know and it's also rather confusing. Why are there a million words for pot? That can't be right!

Oh hay look at this!… Awesome! I literally just found this now while finding those pages again to get the links! Cool! Have to look at this.

But yeah, what I ended up doing with those Gaulish names was writing down the words the names were made up of and what they meant. They sound pretty cool on there own and I could totally use them. I'm going to go look at these Proto-Celtic names now! See ya!
  • Reading: These Wikipedia pages about Proto-Celtic names
  • Watching: Rewatching Soul Eater because it's awesome.


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